Vapor4life Cannot Be Campared To Any Other, They Are The Best Around In Cartomizers And Cartomizer Accessories Even Still Selection Is One Thing, Performing Feats Of Extraordinarily High Quality Vapor And Volume Are Quite Another, And This Is Something Vapor4life’s Superior “wow Vapor Cartomizers” Accomplish.

It was simple once the Cartomizers and batteries began arriving at my door. (pass-through, automatic, and manual) – before I realized there really truly was something special about these premium WOW Vapor Cartomizers.
I instantly began to feel vapor unlike anything i had experienced from a cartomizer previously, especially noting the relatively small size of the Vapor King model. I had only experienced this sort of vapor on much larger 3-piece models with Low Resistance atomizers. I am a heavy and experienced vaper, and the combination of sensational flavor with awesome vapor volume took me aback. I didn’t know it was possible for such cartomizers on a “Mini” type of e cigarette was capable of what I was enjoying. I usually prefer higher nicotine strengths, and typically vape with v2 cigs coupon code 24mg nicotine strength fluid. I take it as a positive sign that I prefer 18mg or 24mg most of the time these days as opposed to the mostly vape 36mg liquid I used to take. I like everything except the first one. One of the ones I like most regardless of its v2 cigs coupon 2013 form. was one of the already mentioned WOWnana-24mg Banana cartomizer, and it still tasted great!
I got a range of nicotine strengths however in this massive sampling collection which I am still working my way through What are 120 cartomizers and what do they do? Vapor4Life gives good value with both flavoring and nicotine inclusion as evidenced by the fact that many vapers are happy with the 11mg & 18mg nicotine levels. The place all too many suppliers seem to be generous in is diluent (ie. PG or VG – the stuff that is more or less water!) which means your generally get a longer lasting, more satisfying cart for your money with vapor4life Cartomizers. I am mainly discussing WOW Vapor Cartomizers in this article. Premium cartomizers are OK, but they are really very much like other cartomizers you can find v2 cigs coupon code available elsewhere. However there are many flavors you would have to fill your own cartomizers with to enjoy that are available as premium and they are indeed a solid and very value priced option.

However for a few more pennies, the WOW Vapor Cartomizers actually are in another league. Even after finally resolving that Vapor4LIfe wasn’t full of a bunch of marketing hype and nothing else, I was left wondering just what made the difference. I have a lot of experience working with ones that look just like this, refilling them and inspecting them from the inside out just for fun. When using the WOW Carts in this fashion (available unfilled for custom flavorings and e-juice blending) They look almost the same to me. I am happy to report they have nice, easily removable rubbery top caps as opposed to early versions which were hard plastic and sometimes even glued shut. For reusing Cartomizer for few times, the inner tube around the wire, which is of high-quality, makes it possible once they are finished.
I am elated that the performance of these WOW vapor Cartomizers far surpasses the competition, but I wonder why? I decided to go to the source and finally shot off an email to Vapor4Life to put the question to them. The reply received by me was completely meaningful, and to be honest I felt being stupid as I doubted performance boost’s main culprit hastily. The answer it turns out is one of those vaping advances to become incredibly popular over the last year and which I feel was one of those leaps to everyday vaping that made as much of an impact as the introduction of cartomizers had not long earlier.
If you are a mutual fan of both 2 and 3 piece electronic cigarette technology as I am you are very likely to have heard of or experienced the popularization of so called LR or Low Resistance atomizers. Though typically LR atomizers have a shorter lifetime than regular ones, they simulate a higher voltage vaping experience as the heating element that turns the e liquid into the vapor you inhale have a lower ohm rating, this means the voltage is able to heat up the coil quicker and more intensely.
When speaking of WOW Cartomizer performance, the experts at Vapor4Life explain that the WOW Cartomizer is really a low resistance cartomizer. They say that it uses a standard voltage battery; however, it still heats up the e-liquid more quickly and to a higher temperature, resulting in voluminous vapor. Another feature if the pre-filled cartomizer is…WOW Liquid, whose vapor is so dense that we said “wow” once we tried it.”
Whether you are particularly interested or not about the technical side of what makes e-cigarette technology work, you are sure to appreciate the effects of Low Resistance atomizer technology present in Vapor4Life’s outstanding WOW Vapor LR Cartomizers! Combined With The excellent Vapor King Ultimate and the huge selection of awesome WOW Vapor Refill flavors available I am tremendously impressed with Vapor4Life’s offerings and notably bargain priced electronic cigarettes and starter kits They account for the availability of a great deal. Make your decision and purchase the Vapor King Starter Kit that is perfect for you. No matter which one you choose, you will surely want a good supply of the fantastic It is a wonderful combination.
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